Download Windows server 2016 DataCenter

Windows Server 2016 DataCenter x64 Self Edition, recommended for small multi-function servers (mainly multi-purpose NAS, also known as All-in-One)

1 Based on the distribution of cn_windows_server_2016_x64_dvd_9718765.iso from MSDN ;

2 The system patch was integrated into December 2017 and it was hardened (14393.1914). The Windows Update service was disabled and the driver was automatically disabled (both can be enabled at any time). It is recommended to prepare the driver before installation.

3 Opened .Net 3.5, integrated VC++, VF#, VJ#, XML, XNA and other common runtime libraries;

4 integrated WINRAR 5.40 x64 (since 5.50 version default -RAR5, not updated) and StartIsBack 2.5.2 ;

5 “Desktop” through Windows Server To Windows Desktop.bat

For details, please refer to the author of m2nlight’s GitHub m2nlight/WindowsServerToWindowsDesktop;

6 With Dism++, the system was simply optimized and some unnecessary services were closed.

7 Clean up the system with CCleaner (with reinforcement rules) and manually clean up the remaining garbage;

8 using the system’s native Sysprep 3.14 package without activation patches, no personal information and unnecessary content;

9 Release of ESD takes up approximately 9.3GB of system disk; if it is installed in Compact mode, it can further reduce space usage, allowing 16G SSD to be used as a system disk.

10 The Hyper-V feature is enabled by default, but Hyper-V Manager is not enabled. After entering the system, run the following command as a Powershell administrator to enable:

Install-WindowsFeature –Name Hyper-V -IncludeManagementTools -Restart

A more detailed tutorial can be found here: Install Hyper-V and create a virtual machine.

Download Link: Password: zggq

File Name: 20171210_WIN2016_DC_X64_Update-Disabled.esd

Modified: 2017-12-10 16:05:05

MD5: 48947B50868FEF0F2DB3975A450AF61C

SHA1: DA5599D0DAE7EEF71E931FF101AD968B27EEFF54



Buy Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Product Key $108.59

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Windows Server 2016 Reset Administrator Password

Control Panel – User Account – Manage Account – Change Account – Change Password

How to disable automatic updates in Windows server 2016?

1.You can simply disable the service “Windows Update” by going to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services (shortcut would be “services.msc” in the run prompt) or put it into manual mode and stop the service.

When you want to run Windows Updates, simply Enable / Start the service and do the updates manually

2.The other is using GPO control

1>. Disable automatic update through GPO.

If you choose to Disable it then tou dont need to worry about the second step.

2>. Configure it to not automatically restart through Gpo or settings > update and security.

See this snap from my lab vm -2016 server.


What is the advantage of Hyper-V for Windows Server 2016?

  • Hyper-V allows you to run multiple Operating Systems at the same time on one computer.
  • It allows you to rapidly take “snapshots” of the operating system so you can easily restore it to exactly how it was at that time.
  • It allows you to migrate the operating system to another computer by copying a few files.
  • The latest features, performance, security and stability and software compatibility.
  • More time before you exit support.
  • Small jump to the next platform, incremental update risk is much lower than the big platform.

How can I give the permission to a user to install software in an AD on the PCs without giving him any other higher permission (Windows Server 2016)?

  • Dependent user’s permissions have been set… If the permissions are sufficient to install the software, it’s fine. Otherwise, by using, for example, an unattended installation. The task scheduler runs on another account with the correct permissions, or it uses sccm-like task scheduler (which uses services running on accounts with the correct permissions). Also, if this does not work, add special user rights or add users to the group for a limited time during the installation. If you need to let the user install the software on his/her specific user account and he/she needs special user rights, then you cannot do this without this permission… So either use the above solution The plan … or I think this is not feasible.

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